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We write marketing summaries for Business Brokers

We work with Business Brokers to develop eye-catching and professional CBM and executive summaries that save them time and make them and their client’s business look good! I specialize in custom CBR / Executive Summaries for small to medium businesses ($100,000 to $35 million), with an eye to Design, Concept, Writing, Analysis, and Marketing.

I help business brokers enhance their financial valuation with industry analysis, custom marketing and growth plans, and a story around the “why” that encourages buyers beyond the financials. I also understand financial valuation and will save you the time explaining concepts of cash flow and EBITDA.

We pride ourselves on boutique, concierge service.

Yes, you probably have templates. How often can you say the same thing and keep it feeling fresh?

The executive summary is an important piece in your selling arsenal. A quality summary takes time, valuable time you could spend talking with clients and prospects. Don’t leave it as the last thing you do. Don’t get excited about the next business before you finish the summary for the last one.



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Broker Summaries

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