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Sell businesses faster with our creative, and forward-thinking Confidential Business Memorandums

Broker Summaries specializes in writing eye-catching Confidential Business Reviews for small – medium businesses, $100,000 – $35 million. Let us save you time and make you look good.

As a business broker, you are tasked with selling a business owner’s business and helping them earn enough to enjoy retirement.

And you have to do it all confidentially.

You need someone you can trust.

You need someone who knows what is at stake and will help you put your best foot forward for your client.

Meet Stephanie Gonzales, the founder of Broker Summaries.

It all started with one request.

“I was sitting in my office searching the freelance platform for the 8th time that day when the request came in. . . I didn’t know what a business broker was, [but he] asked if I could write the CBM and gave me an example.”

“I read through it twice before I recognized the tickle in the back of my brain.”

Stephanie decided to say yes to the request.

After doing about 20+ summaries, she felt it was time to start Broker Summaries to meet these needs.

To date, Broker Summaries have written over 430 CBMs and helped over 70 brokers sell businesses.

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Confidential Business Memorandums meet three needs for our founder, Stephanie Gonzales.
The first need is her love of writing and her second love is working with business financials.

At one point in her career, Stephanie worked at a media company where she dove headfirst into financials.
“Writing is my first love, but I’d been exposed to the financials at the media company and it quickly became my second love.”

She also picked up some of her business financial sense from her father.

“My dad was a commercial real estate broker, so exposed me to commercial leases and businesses finances. He wasn’t a business broker, but he had some crossover.”

Finally, as a bonus, Stephanie wanted to own her own business. In fact, she had been searching for years for the right opportunity.

“I knew I wanted to be my own boss early in my life. I’ve had several informal business ideas, generally unique coffee shops, since those early days. I had been visiting, the largest business listing website, and browsing the available businesses with ‘what if?’ thoughts.”

Creating a business that crafts confidential business memorandums allows her to write, dive into business financials, and own her very own business.

Our Promise


Broker Summaries is a business broker’s secret weapon, providing thoughtful, analytical, creative, and forward-thinking Confidential Business Memorandums (CBMs) that help you sell businesses faster.

Broker Summaries

Meet the Team

Stephanie Gonzales
CEO Broker Summaries

Stephanie began her writing career in Florida at the St. Petersburg Times, now the Tampa Bay Times. She focused on feature articles, which allowed her to develop stories about people and events throughout the metro area. 

After moving to Portland, OR, Stephanie worked as an operations strategist, financial analyst, and writer in the infomercial industry. Her unique position writing telemarketing scripts called on both her understanding of financials and the ability to sell products and services through the agents. At one point, with 10,000+ calls a day, she had a higher readership than many authors. 

Stephanie founded Broker Summaries, a company devoted to writing Confidential Business Memorandums for Business Brokers who represent companies valued from $100,000 to $35,000,000. These marketing summaries bring together her two loves: writing the stories at the heart of a person and business and digging into the financials to support that story. 

Ask about her ghostwriting services.

Michele Huff
Operations Executive

“I love what I do for Broker Summaries because I get to use my love of graphics and sales to make businesses shine and my admin background to keep projects running smoothly from beginning to end.”

My name is Michele Huff. I was born and raised in California, then a job transfer moved me to Kansas City, and now I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my husband and 2 sons. My professional background started in admin then moved into I.T., web design, sales & marketing while always wearing a project management/admin hat. I love what I do for Broker Summaries because I get to use my love of graphics and sales to make businesses shine and my admin background to keep projects running smoothly from beginning to end.

And our team of writers and analysts.


These Business Brokers trusted us with their Confidential Business Memorandums.

My Business jumped up in sales when I started using Broker Summaries CBMs. Their presentation captures the attention of buyers who could easily pass over your listing. When a buyer signs the NDA they will be wowed right out of the gate which makes my job so much easier

Joe Alter

Managing Business Broker, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Sunbelt Business Brokers of Naples - Fort Myers - Sarasota

I am a business broker with a CPA background. Broker Summaries is my virtual back office and honestly my secret weapon. Stephanie and company make me look VERY professional and much larger than I am. Thanks

Dan Daniel

Founder/Senior Business Analyst, RVA Business Brokers

We have created over 430 CMBs while helping 70+ business brokers.
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