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We write Confidential Business Memorandums (CBM)/Confidential Information Memorandums (CIM)

The Business Broker's Secret Weapon

Proven Track Record
Our satisfied clients testify to our professionalism, expertise.
We highlight key financial data, growth potential, competitive advantages, and other crucial information that investors look for when evaluating investment opportunities.
Confidentiality and Security
We prioritize the confidentiality and security of your information.
Professional Presentation
Ensures that the document is well-organized, visually engaging, and easy to navigate, enhancing the overall impact on potential investors.

6 Things Every CBM Needs

Broker Summaries

We Save You Time and Make You Look Good!

Business Brokers, do you spend hours pouring over valuations to write a creative CBM/CIM? Would you prefer to spend your time with buyers and sellers? Broker Summaries specializes in writing eye-catching Confidential Business Memorandums for small – medium businesses, $500,000 to $35 million. Let us save you time and make you look good.

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Confidential Business
Memorandums (CBM)

We write custom Confidential Business Memorandums (CBM) /
Confidential Information Memorandums (CIM) / Confidential Business Reviews (CBR)

Opportunity and revise

CBMs start with a relevant industry statistic or quote to inspire the prospect. Business is about making money. For many buyers, there is also an emotional connection to a particular industry.

'I scream, You scream' for an ice cream store.

Executive Summary

The financials are presented in a top-line review. The CBR goes deeper than gross sales and cash flow to explore consistency and establish a baseline for growth. Buyers want turnkey businesses they can put their mark on.

Growth Potential

Growth can come in many forms. Here prospects are provided with ideas for new services, ways to streamline the business, social media and online strategy, and advertising mediums. Buyers can use this as an initial marketing plan with concrete steps to take while they transition into the business.


A quick overview of what the business does now encourages the prospect to envision what can be added or refocus the business to a core service.


You know it's true.
Business is all about Location, Location, Location!
Let Us Be Your Industry Expert.

Broker Summaries has the most extensive subscription to IBISWorld available.

Allow Broker Summaries to Help You Evade the CBM Time Bandit

CBM/Executive summaries take time (3, 5, 10+ hours) to create. They should look beautiful and evoke a story that carries the buyer from what the business is now to what it can be under their management. It takes time to create a unique summary that speaks to the flavor of each industry and each business.

You’d prefer to devote your time and expertise to the one-on-one with buyers and sellers. Allow Broker Summaries to help you evade the CBM time bandit with a beautiful, thoughtful, creative, and analytical Confidential Business Memorandum (CBM).

We pride ourselves on boutique, concierge service.

Yes, you probably have templates. How often can you say the same thing and keep it feeling fresh?

The executive summary is an important piece, a vital piece, in your selling arsenal. A quality summary takes time, valuable time you could spend talking with buyers and sellers. Don’t leave it as the last thing you do. Don’t get excited about the next business before you finish the summary for the last one.


What Our Clients Say

My Business jumped up in sales when I started using Broker Summaries CBMs. Their presentation captures the attention of buyers who could easily pass over your listing. When a buyer signs the NDA they will be wowed right out of the gate which makes my job so much easier

Joe Alter

Managing Business Broker, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Sunbelt Business Brokers of Naples - Fort Myers - Sarasota

I am a business broker with a CPA background. Broker Summaries is my virtual back office and honestly my secret weapon. Stephanie and company make me look VERY professional and much larger than I am. Thanks

Dan Daniel

Founder/Senior Business Analyst, RVA Business Brokers

Broker Summaries has continually delivered on challenging endeavors, deadlines, and exceptional work quality. The amazing team at Broker Summaries had completed our CIM loaded full of phenomenal information and presentation, which was integrated with a magnitude of vital statistics, graphs, and information for ease and comprehension, including vibrant images, graphics, and crystal-clear flow from one point to the next. Our senior leadership team was and continues to be impressed with the professionalism in communication, conduct and product quality. I recommend Broker Summaries to anyone other than my competition, requiring a quality CBM/CIM with a quality organization that stands behind their work.

Andreas Gfesser

President of Crossroads Business partners, LLC and affiliated Crossroads Hospitality.


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